Cranley Lodge is a 60 bedded Home divided into two units:

Nightingale Suite (ground floor) has 26 single bedrooms (3 ensuite) .

Alexandra Suite (1st floor) has 34 single bedrooms (2 ensuite) .

On each floor Resident’s have full use of a lounge and dining area with 47” LCD TV, DVD player and Music System.

In addition to the main lounge areas, Resident’s have access to a number of quiet areas around the home where they can spend time alone, with other Resident’s or with Visitors.

Cranley Lodge is a secure unit, meaning that doors are key-padded, thus Resident’s are unable to leave without Staff or Visitor accompaniment.

Outside access is however available without compromising security. There is a central courtyard which Resident’s can sit in which proves quite a sun-trap in Summer months.

In addition to this Cranley Lodge has a fully enclosed garden area, which Resident’s can stroll through or enjoy outdoor activities such as light gardening.

There is also access to a small patio area where Resident’s can enjoy the sun in Summer.



Resident’s each have a single room, some of which are ensuite. Each room has a sink with vanity unit provided.

Cranley Lodge provide a single bed, all bedding, matching curtains, a double wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a bedside table and a chair in each bedroom.

Families are welcome to bring in any personal possessions they feel will make the room more homely. This includes furnishing the room to your own tastes if desired.

Each room has an aerial point, allowing families to bring in a TV and also a phone point, should a Resident desire a personal phone line.

Each room can be locked by the Resident for privacy but is accessible by the Senior Care Assistant via a master key in case of Emergency.



All meals are prepared fresh on the premises by our expert Chefs with assistance from our qualified Kitchen Assistants. Our meals centre around the premise of traditional home cooking and our dishes reflect the preferences of the Resident’s. Two options are offered for the main meal daily.

 Meal times are as follows:

 9am– Breakfast.

 11am– Morning tea / coffee.

 12.30pm– Lunch.

 3pm– Afternoon tea/coffee.

 4.30pm– Tea.

 8.30pm– Supper.

All meals are served in our dining rooms. However, if a Resident wishes to remain in their own room, their meals can be served there.

Our Menu works on a four weekly repeating Menu, ensuring a varied, interesting and nutritious diet.

Special diets, for example: Diabetic, Vegetarian, Kosher, Puree, Low Salt, can be accommodated by our Chefs.


Laundry / Cleaning:

All Resident’s clothes are laundered on the premises in our dedicated Laundry by specialised Laundry Staff.

Our Laundry is open 7 days per week, thus providing a fast return of clothes to the Resident.

Our only request is that all Clothes be labelled with the Resident’s name, in order to ensure accurate return of clothes to wardrobes.

We have dedicated Domestic Staff on duty 7 days per week, thus ensuring the continuing cleanliness and hygiene of Cranley Lodge.


 Cranley Lodge places great emphasis upon the need to maintain a well researched activity programme in order to maximise Resident participation and mental stimulation.

Cranley Lodge has the benefit of a qualified Activity Therapist who organises a number of beneficial activities each day for our Resident’s including:

¨ Reminiscence

¨ Art Therapy

¨ Music Therapy

¨ Exercise

¨ Armchair Aerobics

¨ Knitting

In addition to the Services of our Activity Therapist we also have a number of regular Community Visitors to Cranley Lodge including:

¨ A weekly (Sunday) Inter-denominational Church Service.

¨ A monthly visit from a local Church Group.

¨ A monthly Praise Service with accordion accompaniment.

¨ A monthly visit from a talented piano player.

We are privileged to also have the Community Link with Pets as Therapy who provide us with weekly visits.

Cranley Lodge also has a fully furnished Hairdressing Salon and a Qualified Hairdresser visits the Home weekly.

In addition to our everyday Activities, we try to arrange a special afternoon events in which families are invited to attend and become involved in. Such events have included:

¨ Halloween Parties / Easter Parties.

¨ Line Dancing.

¨ Christmas Parties

¨ Valentines Tea Dance.

¨ St. Patricks Day Irish Dancers.



Cranley Lodge has a highly trained Team of Dedicated Staff well equipped to deal with all the challenges of the EMI field.

Each shift is co-ordinated by a Senior Care Assistant supported by a team of skilled Care Assistants.

Our Senior Care Assistants are highly skilled in managing and administering medication, first aid and quality care.

Our Staff receive annual training in areas such as:

¨ Dementia Care

¨ Medication Management

¨ First Aid

¨ Fire Safety

¨ Foot Care


¨ Vulnerable Adults

¨ Elderly Abuse

Your immediate point of contact for a loved one in our care is the Senior on duty.